Covid-19: France vaccinates a million people, Spanish army chief of staff resigns following vaccination scandal


The Italian government announced that it would take “counter measures” in light of the “unacceptable” and “worrying” delay in the process of delivering quantities of vaccines that Rome had previously requested and signed its contracts.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on his Facebook page that the delay in delivering the Pfizer / Biontec vaccines to Rome, and possibly AstraZeneca, as the company said Saturday, is a breach of signed agreements and contracts.

Conte added that Rome will take steps to respond to the delay.

On Saturday, Italy recorded 488 additional deaths, a slight increase from the number recorded yesterday (472), while the number of injuries decreased from 13,633 to 13,331.

1,348 deaths in Britain within 24 hours

Britain recorded 1,348 deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic on Saturday, a slight decrease from Friday, according to what the country’s health authorities announced. In addition to the deaths, the country recorded 33,552 new cases of the virus.

According to government figures, the authorities vaccinated 478,248 people in just 24 hours.

The total number of deaths due to the virus is 97,329, which is the highest in Europe.

Spanish Army Chief of Staff resigns

The Spanish army chief of staff resigned today, Saturday, over a scandal related to the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

The vaccination of military and political officials in Spain, although they are not among the priority groups, sparked a widespread controversy in the country, which led in particular to the dismissal of a senior officer on Friday.

On Friday evening, the Minister of Interior dismissed, with immediate effect, a senior officer with the rank of “colonel” (colonel) who is responsible for the Civil Guard’s liaison with the Army Staff, as a spokesman for this ministry announced on Saturday.

Other members of the General Staff received a dose of the vaccine, and other dismissals could be decided, as Defense Minister Margarita Robles said Friday, indicating that she is awaiting a report in this regard.

In addition to the military, politicians from different parties received the first dose of the vaccine, also without being among the priority groups. One of them is the regional advisor in Murcia (southeast), Manuel Villegas, who was forced to resign.

And the health advisor in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta (northern Morocco), Javier Guerreron, is in a similar situation, but he announced that he will not resign, affirming that he has not violated any protocol.

One million people vaccinated in France

The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, announced the vaccination of one million people against Covid-19. Yesterday, Health Minister Olivier Ferrand announced that the government aims to vaccinate all of the French people by the end of August 2021.

Partial lockdown in Norway

On Saturday, the Norwegian government announced partial closure measures, which are the most stringent since the beginning of the epidemic, in Oslo and its suburbs, after detecting infections with the “British” strain of the virus in a town near the capital.

The measures include closing stores and shopping centers except for essential stores, issuing instructions urging residents to limit movement and eating meals with friends, and allowing municipalities to grant remote education access to secondary schools, starting from Saturday in Oslo and nine areas around the capital.

A Russian-Turkish agreement to produce the vaccine

The Russian National Wealth Fund announced on Saturday that it had signed an agreement with Turkey on the production of the Russian “Sputnik-V” vaccine, against Covid-19, according to the Russian Interfax news agency.

The fund said transferring vaccine manufacturing technology to Ankara has already begun.

The Russian National Wealth Fund, responsible for producing the “Sputnik-V” vaccine, had signed previous agreements to produce the vaccine outside Russian territory, including with China, South Korea, India, Brazil, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Conclusions still early (WHO)

The World Health Organization announced that it is too early to reach any conclusions regarding the work of its mission to Wuhan and whether the Covid-19 pandemic has begun in China. A team of WHO experts arrived in Wuhan on January 14 to investigate the origin of the Corona virus, more than a year after the first infections appeared in the city in central China.

The mission personnel were transferred to a hotel to be quarantined. China expects the examination of the team of experts working for the World Health Organization and what elements they will add to its novel related to the virus, especially as it has gradually promoted the idea that the epidemic began outside its borders.

The French Academy of Medicine recommends “silence”

On Friday, the French Academy of Medicine recommended “silence” on public transport in order to curb the spread of an epidemic Covid-19, Reasoning that it is necessary not to spread the particles in places that may be densely populated, such as the metro or buses.

The academy recommended not to speak on the phone on public transport, even if the speaker wears a muzzle, and on the other hand, it rejected the recommendations of the government and Health Minister Olivier Ferrand to abandon the cloth masks.

Veran had called on the French on Thursday not to wear cloth masks or those made of home-made cloth, as, according to the Supreme Council of Public Health, they do not provide adequate protection.

Death every 6 minutes in Sao Paulo

The Brazilian state of São Paulo announced the closure of bars and restaurants, starting at eight in the evening local time, all days of the week, including on holidays, in order to limit the spread of the epidemic that kills one person every six minutes.

These measures will take effect from next Monday to the seventh of February in the metropolitan city of Sao Paulo and most of the municipalities of the richest state in Brazil with the largest population.

This week, Brazil launched a national vaccination campaign for its 212 million people. Experts predict that you will quickly encounter significant dose shortages. The death toll from COVID-19 in Brazil has reached 215,000, including 51,000 in the state of Sao Paulo alone.

Hong Kong imposes a two-day quarantine

Orders were issued to thousands of residents Hong Kong To stay home on Saturday, committing to the first measure of its kind since the outbreak of the virus CoronaAs the authorities battle an outbreak in one of the city’s poorest and densest areas.

Under this procedure, any resident of buildings located within a specific geographical area is prohibited from leaving his home if he does not present a negative test result for Covid-19. Officials said they intend to have every person within the designated area a health test within 48 hours.

The newspaper “South China Morning Post” that this measure includes about 150 residential buildings and up to nine thousand people, with hundreds of police officers deployed to reinforce respect for the closure.

Hong Kong was one of the first places in which the Corona virus spread after its appearance in China, but the city kept the number of HIV infections below ten thousand, in addition to about 170 deaths.

Belgium bans ‘non-essential’ travel

Belgium announced that it had decided to ban its residents from non-essential travel He crossed the border from Wednesday until the first of March, as a government source announced to Agence France-Presse, confirming information reported by local media.

This decision aims to stop the spread of the emerging corona virus and the mutated versions of it that have appeared recently. Another official, Elio de Roro, head of Wallonia, told RTBF that “leisure or recreational travel will be banned, there will be border controls and fines.”

But cross-border workers will not be covered by this measure.


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