Covid-19 and Heathrow … How did this scene happen?


It showed a photo of the departures hall in Heathrow Airport Crowds inside the airport, and passengers appear to have abandoned caution about social distancing, despite their commitment to wearing a mask.

ونشر British ambassador Previous, Peter Westmacott, photo of Terminal 2 on Friday with the caption: “Terminal 2 at Heathrow on Friday afternoon … no ventilation … long delay … super spread.”

Photos and videos of long passport control lines surfaced on Social media In the last days, though International travel ban To a large extent, according to what was reported, “Sky News”.

The British are only allowed to travel abroad in small numbers and for “legal reasons” during the lockdown period, while arrivals are required to obtain negative Covid-19 test results 72 hours before they are allowed to enter the country.

Is that Interior Minister In Labor’s shadow government, Nick Thomas Symonds described the scenes at the airport as “extremely disturbing”.

He claimed that the government was “swinging from one crisis to another,” adding that they were extremely concerned “with the absence of social distancing … and it is clear that they risk transmitting more strains of this horrific virus … Ministers need control to protect the health conditions in our country.”

A government spokesman said it was “ultimately up to the individual airports to secure.” Social distancing On site”.

However, Heathrow Airport claimed that “border police” are in fact responsible for enforcing the rules at the airport, adding that the “two-meter distance” rule inside airports was not possible at all.

The airport management said, “We have been clear since last May that social distancing in the airport environment is not really possible … to put that into context, if there is one plane with 300 people, for example, it will need a queue of about a kilometer if applied The rule of social distancing, which is why last summer we imposed covering the face at the airport. “

The government insists that border police increase the penalty for those who violate the negative test score rule Covid-19 El Jadida, where the fine is up to 500 pounds.

He was the British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonIn a Downing Street news briefing on Friday, it was suggested that travel restrictions might have to be tightened further amid concerns that the new strain of coronavirus is “more deadly”.

“We do not want to jeopardize efforts to control the virus by returning a new variant,” Johnson said.

This tightening of travel rules would require people to complete their 10-day self-isolation in airport hotels, rather than allowing them to head home or travel to their destination first, with very limited exemptions.

Johnson revealed that there is evidence indicating that the mutated strain of the Corona virus may be associated with a higher mortality rate, and added, “We learned today that in addition to the new strain spreading faster, it now appears that it may be associated with a greater mortality rate.”

It is noteworthy that the mutated strain of the Corona virus first appeared in London and the southeast of England late last year.
Johnson said that all current evidence shows that the two vaccines available in Britain to prevent the virus, that is, Pfizer and Modrina, are still effective in preventing the old and new strains.


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