Coronavirus: How does Covid-19 affect students’ dreams around the world to enter university?


  • Visfac Bonavolo
  • BBC

Amidst a highly competitive exam culture in many countries of the world, students have been preparing for the university entrance examination for several years. But despite their focus on studying for success, the Corona outbreak has turned the equation.

On December 10, more than half a million students from across India were attending an interactive live meeting with the Minister of Education, broadcast simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. The speech aimed to discuss students’ concerns related to the upcoming university entrance exams, which are surrounded by a lot of uncertainty due to the Corona pandemic.

Although the meeting was described as an interactive session, it was largely a matter of two parties talking separately without appearing to be listening to the other. While the minister praised the education system in India for overcoming the challenges posed by the spread of the epidemic, students’ comments were continuous about their suffering in order to cope with the current situation and their demands to postpone the date of the exams.

These exams are extremely important, as their results determine students’ career prospects. The campaigns calling for it to be postponed have almost occupied social media since the first general closure in March due to the spread of the Corona epidemic led to the suspension of all exams. Among the examinations that have been postponed are the joint entrance examination known as “Jeff” and the National Entrance Examination “Nate”, which are of utmost importance, and their results determine eligibility to study in the fields of medicine and engineering.


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