Corona will join common cold viruses


          A study shows that it will become "endemic" over the years            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>What is the end of the story of the "emerging corona" virus, which is causing global devastation? ... The expected answer may be vaccines;  But a joint study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Emory University of the United States concluded, based on a model they developed, to a different answer, which is that "the virus may become endemic over the years, and join the ranks of the light corona viruses that cause cold, which are currently spreading among humans."

The model, which was published January 12 in the journal (Science), is based on studies of “common cold” corona viruses, where the term “herd immunity” for these viruses is incomplete and may be misleading.

The common cold-causing coronavirus, represented by four viruses, has spread among humans for a long time and almost everyone becomes infected at an early age, and this natural infection in childhood provides immunity that protects people later in life from severe diseases; But it does not prevent the infection from recurring periodically.

“The infection can be re-infected within one year,” said PhD Jenny Lavigne, the study’s lead researcher. But even if they do occur, the symptoms are mild and the virus is eliminated from the body more quickly, ”adding that“ the model that we have developed assumes that immunity against the virus works similarly to other human corona viruses, and a safe and effective vaccine against the virus will save hundreds of thousands of lives. In the first year or two after the launch of the vaccine, especially the vulnerable population groups, but the continuation of comprehensive vaccination may be less important once the virus becomes endemic.

Another finding the researchers reached is that during the transition to endemicity, using only symptoms as a monitoring tool to search for infection and limit the spread of the virus will become more difficult, and thus, widely available testing may become particularly important to protect the vulnerable population.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Emad, Professor of Virology at Zagazig University, Northeast of Cairo, said, “The results of the study are consistent with observations indicating that the virus infection in infants and young children is generally moderate in severity and the mortality rate is low, with some exceptions. At the individual level, as some suffer from rare complications such as (multi-system inflammation syndrome in children), ”adding that“ endemicity of the virus does not mean neglecting vaccines; But it means that after it is given to the vulnerable groups, it will not have the same importance after a year or two, because the younger groups can resist it and if the infection recurs, it becomes lighter, ”stressing that“ this matter must be subject to constant monitoring and follow-up, because if the infection becomes in a stage Childhood is more severe, like the Coronavirus, which causes respiratory syndrome in the Middle East, so routine vaccination programs will remain necessary.


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