Corona tragedy in Britain … hospitals are “war zones”


And she suffered Britain One of its worst day in the epidemic, Wednesday, when more than 1,800 deaths were recorded within 24 hours, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief scientific adviser also warned that some hospitals now look “like a war zone.”

The number of victims increased Corona In Britain, who died after 28 days or less of infection, to 93,290 people, while British hospitals are overwhelmed with 40,000 people with Corona currently.

England is subject to a third national lockdown, and similar measures are in place across Britain, but while restrictions have begun to lower infection rates, officials say death rates and the pressure on the National Health Services will continue to grow.

“The situation is very bad at the moment, there is tremendous pressure … some hospitals look like a war zone,” Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, told Sky News when asked about the situation in hospitals.

Injured buses

The “Guardian” newspaper announced that the Ministry of Health in Britain decided to convert a number of public transport buses into “temporary ambulances” to transport Corona patients.

Most of the seats in single-deck buses have been removed so that each can transport 4 patients, in an attempt to relieve severe pressure on hospitals and the ambulance service in London.

Go-Ahead, the bus company that owns the vehicles, loaned them to the Ministry of Health in the capital to help transport patients.

The newspaper “Ghadrian” said that the use of public transport buses to transport people with Corona is a clear sign of the “tragedy” the country is going through due to the outbreak of the pandemic.


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