Corona … Morocco moves to confront the “new strain” and issues a decision


A government statement indicated that this decision comes after the epidemiological development of a virus CoronaAt the global level, new strains of Virus In some neighboring countries.

He added that, as part of the continuous efforts to contain this spread The epidemic And reduce its negative repercussions.

The statement stated that the decision also comes based on the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Committee on the necessity to continue the necessary measures to confront the outbreak of the Coronavirus – Covid 19.

This procedure comes in conjunction with the Moroccan Ministry of Health announcing the discovery of the first case of the mutated strain of Coronavirus in the country in the Tangier Med port of a citizen coming from Ireland.

The ministry said that he and his contacts were dealt with according to the health system that is in effect in Morocco, West, sunset.

The Moroccan authorities decided, as a precaution, to “prevent aircraft and travelers from Australia, Brazil, Ireland and New Zealand from entering the national territory, as of January 19, until further notice.”

So far, Morocco has recorded 460,144 cases of Coronavirus and 7,977 deaths.


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