Corona kills the stars Arts


Death missed Remy Julien, the famous French film adventurer who played a surrogate role for a number of movie stars in Dangerous Scenes, including: Alain Delon, Roger Moore and Sean Connery; He died at the age of 90, as a result of being infected with the Corona virus.
Julien died in the intensive care room at the Montargis Hospital in central France, to which he had been admitted since the beginning of this month.
The late adventurer participated in 1,400 works, most notably six of the James Bond films. The career of Remy Julien, born in 1930, began in 1964, when another risk-taker, Gilles Delamar, offered him to participate in the filming of “Fantomas”.
He narrated in previous interviews: “I was the French champion in motorbike races, and the film crew needed a person to drive a motorcycle and in this scene solutions would be the place of the actor Jean Marais, and I was chosen.”
This role was the first of fifty years of work with the most famous directors, most notably: Francois Truffaut, Leos Caracs, Terence Young, and Sydney Pollack, as well as with the most important actors.


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