Corona … Horror in an Egyptian hospital treating people with HIV and India authorizing two vaccines and a record tally in America

Corona ... Horror in an Egyptian hospital treating people with HIV and India authorizing two vaccines and a record tally in America


The -authorities in Egypt have opened an investigation of the death of people infected with the Coronavirus in a hospital due to lack of oxygen, and while India has approved two vaccinations, one of them local, the United States recorded a new record number of infections, while several countries are moving to tighten restrictions in light of the acceleration of the spread of the epidemic.

The -Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to investigate deaths of people with corona in a public hospital in Gharbia Governorate. Due to lack of oxygen.

The -prosecution said that it was investigating how the “ Zefta General Hospital was depleted of oxygen, and decided to form a committee to count the number of patients, explain the reason for their admission, and the measures that were taken with them, as well as count the number of the dead, and ascertain the cause of their death.

Horror situation
Activists on social media circulated video clips that showed a state of terror and panic, after oxygen was cut off for patients infected with the Coronavirus in the intensive care rooms of the Hussainiya Isolation Hospital in the Sharkia Governorate.

A video clip documented the death of patients after the lack of oxygen, and a state of fear and shock among the nursing staff supervising critical cases amid attempts to save the victims.

Another clip was published from inside the hospital, which included interviews with the medical staff to deny what was rumored in the previous clip about the lack of oxygen to the patients, causing deaths, while one of the officials in the intensive care unit stated that the deaths were due to disease and natural causes.

In Al Sharqiyah Governorate, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Hisham Masoud, said that the Husseinieh Central Hospital witnessed the death of 4 citizens inside the intensive care unit, indicating that the deaths were due to chronic diseases and complications, and that this had nothing to do with the lack of oxygen.

Yesterday evening, the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, announced that the government drug authority had approved the Chinese vaccine, which is produced by Sinopharm, which has an effectiveness of 79%, according to the company.

Coronavirus patient in a hospital in Chicago, USA ( Reuters)

Global epidemic
In terms of the global spread of the epidemic, the United States recorded, yesterday, Saturday, a new record number of HIV infections, which exceeded 277 thousand; This raises the total to about 20 million and 400 thousand injuries, while more than 2,300 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total to about 350 thousand.

The -outbreak continues at a rapid pace in the United States, while criticism of the authorities is mounting. Due to the slow pace of vaccination operations, which were launched recently using the vaccine developed by the American company “pfizer” and its German partner, “ BioNTech”.

In Europe, Britain continues for consecutive days to record more than 50,000 injuries per day, and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today, Sunday, that his government may tighten the restrictions that were recently imposed to contain the epidemic, indicating the possibility of vaccinating tens of millions of his citizens in the next three months. .

In Germany, which in the last 24 hours recorded 10 thousand new cases of the virus, a decrease compared to previous days, the Governor of the State of Bavaria called today, to extend the closure imposed from the middle of last month to the end of this January, and a decision in this regard is scheduled. Tuesday during a meeting that includes Chancellor Angela Merkel with state governors.

In the face of the continuing rapid spread of the Corona epidemic, and the spread of the new strain of the virus, which was recently discovered in Britain, France tightened the night curfew, and Greece decided to extend the closure imposed since October 10 until the 10 this month, and the colony of Gibraltar was also extended British restrictions to contain the epidemic.

In other regions of Europe, Russia today recorded 24 thousand new cases of corona, a slight decrease from the previous toll.

In Asia, countries including South Korea and Thailand tighten restrictions in light of the acceleration of the spread of the virus, and the authorities of the Japanese capital ( Tokyo) have called for a general lockdown for the same reason.

Globally, the “ World Meter” website reported that Corona virus infections today exceeded 85 million, while deaths exceeded one million and 845 thousand, while the number of people recovered exceeded 60 million and 160 thousand.

The -United States leads the world in terms of the number of injuries, followed by India, Brazil, Russia, France and the United Kingdom.

A woman receives vaccination against Corona virus at a hospital in New Delhi ( Anadolu Agency)

Two vaccines in India
With regard to vaccines, the authorities in India today authorized the emergency use of the vaccine produced by the company “ AstraZeneca” in cooperation with the University of Oxford in Britain, and the “ Kovaxin” vaccine, which was developed by the Indian company “ Bharat Biotech”. To prevent corona virus.

The -Indian Minister of Information had said that the green light for the “ AstraZeneca-Oxford” vaccine would pave the way for a massive vaccination campaign that would start within weeks, and was supposed to include 300 million people.

The -General Supervisor of Medicines in India said that the effectiveness of the “ AstraZeneca-Oxford” vaccine is 70.42%, while the “ Cofaxine” vaccine “is safe and stimulates a strong immune response.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the approval of the two vaccines, writing on Twitter, “ Every Indian will feel proud because the two vaccines that have received approval for emergency use are manufactured in India,” saying that this is evidence of his country’s self-reliance.

Lack of vaccines
In the context, the German company Biontech warned of a shortage of Corona vaccines; Due to the lack of approved vaccines, and the delay in some countries in adopting the vaccine, which was developed by the company in cooperation with the American Pfizer; This caused a deficit in some countries, which had already started distributing the vaccine.

Ugur Shaheen, one of the founders of Biontech, said in an interview with the German newspaper DER SPIEGEL, “

The -current situation is not rosy. There is a loophole due to the lack of other approved vaccines, and on the Pfizer-BioNTech alliance.” Bridging it. ”

Shaheen indicated that his company is seeking to launch a new manufacturing facility in the German city of Marburg, and to operate it in February, and it is supposed to be able after that to produce 250 million additional doses of the vaccine in the first half of this year.

For its part, European Health Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, stated that the consortium is ready to help pharmaceutical companies produce a greater quantity of their Coronavirus vaccines to overcome the distribution crisis.

On December 21, the European Medicines Agency approved the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, and it is not expected to license the vaccine from Moderna, the US company, until next Wednesday.

Arab countries
In the Arab world, the official Saudi Press Agency said that the Kingdom will allow travelers to enter the country by sea, land and air, starting today, after a two-week ban, amid fears of the new strain of Corona virus, which has spread to several countries.

In Lebanon, the National Committee to Combat the Virus recommended yesterday that the country be closed again for at least 3 weeks, after the increase in infections and the arrival of hospitals to their capacity.

In Palestine, the Palestinian Prisoners Club and the Israeli Prison Authority announced that 25 Palestinian prisoners in the Negev Desert Prison were infected with the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Arab countries, including Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt, recorded more than a thousand injuries daily.

On the other hand, a source close to the former Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, said that he was admitted to the hospital yesterday after it was confirmed that he had a corona, and his condition was described as stable.


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