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Before the Corona summit scheduled for today, Thursday (January 21, 2021), many German politicians expressed their opposition to closing the borders between the European Union countries. “As a result, closing the borders is the worst way,” said Chancellor’s chief of staff, Helga Brown, calling on European Union countries to act simultaneously. Brown added in a statement to DW: “It is therefore important that the European Council take precautions to overcome the mutation (of the Coronavirus) jointly.”

For his part, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: “I think that we must all work to prevent all of us from reaching the border inspection stage again, and seeing a column of cars on the border extending for a distance of 50 kilometers.”

In the same direction, Francesca Brantner, a spokeswoman for European affairs in the Green Party bloc in the German parliament (Bundestag), said: “In confronting Corona, the European Union countries face the risk of returning to their national conditions. Border closures are not the solution.

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In turn, the head of the conservative People’s Party bloc in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, warned of the economic impact of closing the borders: “The closure of the borders means a great loss to German trade and industry.”

The Federal Association of German Industrial Companies also entered the line and warned against taking unilateral national paths in closing the borders of the European Union countries. “The work of the association must continue.”
Transferring goods across borders and keeping value-added chains intact despite the closure measures, otherwise Europe will be threatened by a stronger economic downturn than it was in the spring of 2020. Rosform warned of a shortage of supplies in goods, including medicines and protective equipment, and called for a coordinated approach at the level of European Union.

On Tuesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the European Union to adopt drastic measures to curb the spread of new mutated versions of the virus, warning that “if countries decide that each of them follows different paths from each other (…) we must be prepared to go to solutions. And the re-imposition of extremist border controls. ” “We do not want that, we want to reach an agreement with our partners, but we cannot let (the injuries) come to us just because other countries have decided to take another path,” she added.

Merkel returned today to confirm that everything possible will be done to avoid re-monitoring the borders, indicating that if this is done, then it is for whom it is widely, and it will be “the last solution.”

Leaders of the 27 member states of the European Union are meeting this evening for a video summit to discuss measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, from addressing mutated versions of Corona to accelerating vaccination campaigns and developing a unified certificate to prove receipt of the vaccine.



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