Corona excels in the race between it and the state … and bringing in the vaccine does not mean the end of the crisis


The Corona counter continued to fly, especially the number of deaths, and a member of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Assem Araji, said in an interview with the electronic newspaper, Al-Anbaa, that “the problem lies in the large number of patients whose health conditions require intensive care, in light of the high number of injured in general, and the high The percentage of positive examinations is more than 25%.

Araji believed that “the virus is the one who is ahead in the race between it and the country that is trying to prepare additional numbers of beds, and this requires the commitment of all citizens to prevention to reduce the number of infections and thus reduce the pressure on hospitals,” stressing the need to equip additional numbers of beds designated for Corona patients. .On the general closure and the extension of the deadline, Araji pointed out that “the numbers recorded today are still accumulating from the pre-closing period, and the result of the complete closure will appear in succession in the coming days, but a plan must be developed for the post-closure, as it is not permissible to open the country randomly, Rather, this needs a plan to gradually open the country, to avoid a return to high numbers. “

Araji pointed out that “bringing in the vaccine does not mean the end of the crisis, and citizens must continue to take preventive measures, as well as abide by the state’s decisions.”However, despite all the repeated calls to private hospitals for the necessity to open departments for Corona, a large number of them have not yet taken the initiative, which prompted the member of the Democratic Gathering MP Wael Abu Faour to raise his voice, stressing that most private hospitals “blackmail the state and acted with utmost opportunism and lack of morals, Measures had to be taken against her, “calling on the ministries of health, justice and judiciary to intervene to force hospitals to receive Corona patients.

Source: electronic “alanba”


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