Conte: The defeat of Juventus by their great champions confirms that we are on the right track


Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte spoke about his first victory as a coach against Juventus, after his team defeated the Bianconeri with two unanswered goals in the Italian League competitions.

وجل Arturo Vidal And Niccolo Barrilla scored Inter’s goals against Juventus, in the match that brought the two teams together at the San Siro stadium.

Conte told Sky Sport Italia: “In order to beat a team like Juventus, which represents a reference point for all Italian clubs, we have to perform well.”

He added, “We did it this evening. We are well prepared and it is a relief to see that we were right about the things we thought could hurt Juventus.“.

Conte continues:The boys followed the plan perfectly and I am very happy with them, because these are matches that should give you confidence, let you understand that you are on the right path.“.

Complete coach intermilan: “We already saw the fruits of this process last season, and we are still seeing it. Juventus was an important reference point, the team that dominated the Italian league for nine years, after doing an exceptional job in both the stadium and as a club.“.

Conte stressed: “I still insist that Juventus have a gap not only from Inter, but all other clubs, but we are working to bridge the gap.”

He continued: “Our goals today did not come from our attackers, but I think that luck was mainly bad, as Otaru and Romelu Lukaku had the opportunity. This is a team that creates a great deal of scoring opportunities, but we don’t have the killer’s instinct, so we usually need three or four chances.” to sign up”.

Conte continued: “At the same time, we have a team that can score goals from many different players in all fields, so I’m definitely not worried, you can see a year and a half of work on the field, even if some don’t see it, or don’t want to see it.”

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The former Juventus coach confirmed: “I said that this was an important step, as we had to learn to taste the blood and kill the match. It is completely different from last season, when Juventus did not actually allow us to play, it is the beginning, we need confirmation, but it is a strong start.”

Conte added, “I have never beaten Juventus in my coaching career before. I’ve always been beaten, and he deserved it, so this is progress. ”

Conte went on to say: “The ages end if you don’t innovate, but Juventus has done well over the years to keep the skeletons of the team like Kylaini, Bonucci and Buffon, who give you experience and a sense of belonging.”

He commented on the Juventus transfer market: “Juventus did a great job adding Morata, Kulusevsky, McKinney and Kiza this season alone, not to mention Arthur. That means there is a vision, and there are people who know what they’re doing and see what needs to be done early on.”

Conte insisted: “It is unbelievable that Juventus has dominated for nine years and wants control for the tenth year. I think the gap still exists, but other clubs are working more than ever to get closer. I have great respect for Juventus, they absolutely deserve all these victories.” .

Conte followed up: “This is a start for us, but beating Juventus with its great champions, including Cristiano Ronaldo, should give you the belief that you are on the right track.”

He concluded: “If people think we are the favorites now, imagine if we were able to operate in the transfer market in August, we would be strongly favored to the title! (Smiling))”.


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