Citing Rome .. Legal: “A single case gives victory the right to contract with Masharipov.”


Legal expert Ahmed Al-Amir confirmed that one legal case gives Al-Nasr Club the right to contract with the Uzbek, Jalaluddin Masharibov, during the current winter transfers.

The Financial Efficiency Committee decided to deprive Al-Nasr Club from obtaining a financial competency certificate that gives the club the right to contract with any player during the winter transfer period, but Al-Nasr seeks approval to include Jalaluddin Masharibov, to be a substitute for Korean Kim Jin Soo, the team back who suffers From an injury that ended his football season.

The prince posted a message, through his personal account on the Twitter site, as follows.

“If # victory proves that he signed with the player # Masharibov before the issuance of the winter period circular, which requires obtaining a certificate of financial competence for registration, then he is legally eligible to obtain an exception to register the player by appealing to the arbitration center for the committee’s decision to refuse registration of the player.”

He added, “In 2005, FIFA issued a decision to prevent Roma from registering any player in the Mexès player case .. # Roma appealed the decision to the Cup and submitted a request to suspend the ban until the final date of issuance .. Cass agreed to suspend the enforcement of the decision because # Roma proved his signature with Players before the decision date. “


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