China builds a hospital in 5 days after the rise in Corona injuries


Official media reported that, today, Saturday, China completed the construction of a hospital of 1,500 rooms for “Covid-19” patients within 5 days, to combat the increase in infections in a city south of Beijing.

The official Xinhua news agency said the hospital is one of 6 hospitals with a total of 6,500 rooms being built in Nangong, Hebei Province. All are due to be completed within the next week.

China, which has contained the spread of the new Corona virus to a large extent, has suffered hundreds of infections this month in Nangong and Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei, southwest of the Chinese capital.

The ruling Communist Party launched a similar program to build fast hospitals at the start of the outbreak last year in order to establish isolation hospitals in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus that was first discovered in late 2019.

Nationwide, the National Health Commission recorded 130 new confirmed cases – 90 in Hebei – in the 24 hours to midnight Friday.

“Xinhua” reported that there are 645 cases, two of them coming from abroad, that are being treated in Nangong and Shijiazhuang, as the authorities have completed building a third of the rooms in a planned 3,000-room coronavirus facility, state television reported Saturday.

More than 10 million people in Shijiazhuang had been tested for the virus by late Friday, Xinhua said, citing Deputy Mayor Meng Xianghong. She added that 247 locally transmitted cases were found.

Meanwhile, researchers sent by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Wuhan are preparing to investigate the origin of the virus. The team, which arrived Thursday, is subject to a two-week quarantine, but it is scheduled to speak with Chinese experts via a video link.


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