Chelsea makes profits despite the repercussions of the Corona pandemic


Chelsea FC announced that it had achieved a profit of 32.5 million pounds ($ 44.4 million) for the financial year ending June 30, 2020, despite the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

The figures reflect the impact of the forced suspension of the Premier League last season between March and June due to the pandemic, with total revenues falling from 446.7 million pounds to 407.4 million pounds.

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This also reduced revenues from TV broadcasts and match tickets by 17.6 million and 12.2 million, respectively.

However, qualifying for the Champions League for this season after the “ Blues” came fourth and the surplus it achieved thanks to “selling some players” helped the club achieve positive numbers.

The decrease in matchday costs due to the postponement of the match also contributed to compensating for part of the losses.

Chelsea played its last four matches at home in the league after the resumption of competitions last season, in addition to some directives in the FA Cup and Champions League competition, behind closed doors, but most of them will be included in the fiscal year 2021.

On Sunday, Chelsea will host the Manchester City team in the top of the 17th round of the “ Premier League”.

Source: AFP


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