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A group of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump stormed the Congress building, and there are fears of chaos in the American political process after Trump’s insistence not to admit defeat.

Congressional police said that individuals infiltrated the building and were in the Rotunda area, and informed members of the House of Representatives to take gas masks from under their seats and be prepared to wear them.

Police ordered the evacuation of buildings at the Congress headquarters and directed employees to leave the “Canon” building and another large wing that houses offices after Trump called on his supporters to object to the approval of Joe Biden’s victory during a joint special session of both houses of Congress in Washington.

Rep. Nancy Mace said in a tweet, “I have just vacated my office in the Cannon Building due to an imminent threat. We are now seeing protesters attack the Capitol police.” And the mayor of Washington announced a curfew from 6 pm, in light of protests by Trump supporters.

This development comes in light of some Republicans joining Trump in objecting to the election results, although the majority of Republicans still refuse to contest the results and want to move forward with the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

The leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that the Republican members of Congress who object to Badin’s victory in the elections support “an attempted coup.”

Trump’s supporters are unlikely to affect the political scene in anything, as Joe Biden secured the power to fully legislate laws with the Democratic Party controlling the majority in the Senate, after its candidates won in Georgia, so the Republican Party lost its last strong line of defense against the program. Broad Legislation for the Biden Administration.

Joe Biden praised the likely Democratic victory in the Senate as an indication of Americans’ desire to move forward, calling for cooperation between the Democratic and Republican parties. “It’s time to turn the page,” Biden said in a statement congratulating the Democratic candidates on their likely victory in the two Georgia state Senate seats. The American people demand action and desire unity. I am optimistic more than ever that we can achieve both, ”he said.

The Democrats will get fifty seats in the Senate, just like the Republicans, but the US Constitution stipulates that the incoming Vice President, Kamala Harris, will have the final say in the vote to tilt the wheel in favor of the Democrats.

The Democrats ’performance in this traditionally conservative southern state has dealt a heavy blow to the Republican Party. If a double victory is confirmed, the Republicans, after losing the White House, will also lose the Senate.

Trump, increasingly isolated, attacked his Republican camp fiercely before Congress approved Joe Biden’s victory. Trump described Republican leaders as “weak” and “pathetic,” in a speech he delivered to a gathering of his supporters under a cloudy sky, with the White House looking behind him.

Trump insisted on refusing to defeat defeat, saying, “We will never surrender.” We will never compromise, ”minutes before Congress begins its purely formality, registering the vote of the electorate for its Democratic opponent. And members of Congress objected to Biden’s victory in Arizona to slow the approval process. Trump urged Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify Biden’s election victory, but Pence refused to accept Trump’s request.



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