Challenge “Oh peace, oh Dubai” on social media


In celebration of the global launch of the famous song “Ya Salam Ya Dubai”, which sheds light on the global status that Dubai has reached at the beginning of the new year and brings together two of the most famous artists, namely the superstar Rashid Al Majid, singer, songwriter and music producer who won several Grammy awards, Red One The Dubai Shopping Festival invites music fans to showcase their talents with the # Ya_Salam_Yah_DubaiDance Challenge.

This competition was designed on social media to reflect the character of Dubai and the Dubai Shopping Festival and spread the positive atmosphere around the world, where everyone can participate. In the challenge of # Oh_Salam_O_Dubai.

All the dance moves within the challenge are easy to perform, can be learned quickly, and offer a lot of fun.

The # Ya_Salam_YahDubai Dance Challenge, which was launched on January 7 and continues until February 14, offers winners vouchers worth 30,000 dirhams, with weekly prizes for the best videos uploaded to social media platforms.

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The Ow_Salam_Oy_Dubai challenge is designed by the team of dancers for the musical Maestro, Red One. Dubai residents and visitors of all ages can enjoy participating in this wonderful challenge and enjoy the joy and fun.

Individuals, groups and even companies can participate in the # Ya_Salam_Yah_Dubai Dancer Challenge, by recording a video clip and uploading it to social media platforms to be part of this event. Distinguished.

The # Ya_Salam_O_Dubai Challenge offers all participants an opportunity to show their support for Dubai, this wonderful city full of fun. Those who wish to participate can communicate with colleagues, family members or friends and record a 30-second video in which they demonstrate their dance skills.

Videos can be posted using @dsfsocial On Instagram or @discoverdubai On TikTok, or on any other platform of their choice using hashtags # Oh_salam_dubai & #MyDSF And#MyDubai.

Those wishing to participate must visit @discoverdubai On TikTok, to find out the steps to be taken to participate in the O_Salam_O_Dubai Challenge. Every week, the first, second and third place winners will be announced. The competition will last for 5 weeks.

Participants in the videos should adhere to all health and safety measures aimed at preventing the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic in the UAE.


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