Central- Argentine footballer struggles to prove her lineage to Maradona


An Argentine soccer player entered a raging legal struggle to be recognized as the daughter of the late legend Diego Maradona.

And the Argentine player Eugenia Labrovittola filed a lawsuit to prove that Maradona is her real father, according to the newspaper “ Daily Mail”.

Reports in Argentina say that she was adopted as a young child, and was told the identity of her “real father” during her reunion with her mother only two months ago.

Famous Argentine journalist Luis Ventura, who spoke to Eugenia, insists that Maradona knew of him before his death in November.

The 25-year-old plays soccer with the same number 10 jersey that Diego used during his career.

She describes herself on social media as “a football player and sometimes an artist,” and shows her admiration for Maradona in photos she posted of him lifting the World Cup.

Eugenia joins others fighting to be recognized as legitimate children of Maradona, including soccer player Santiago Lara, 19, and young Magali Gil, 24.

A report published by “#Interbrunor” had indicated that the heirs of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona may have disagreements over the wealth he left after his departure.

Maradona’s eight children will share the wealth he left, but this will go through a long series of procedures given that there are “potential disagreements” between the heirs who were fathered by the late, in addition to the sons who seek to prove their kinship to Maradona.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Maradona earned tens of millions of dollars thanks to sponsorship contracts for several brands.


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