Celebrities from Lebanon who recently moved to Dubai, including the children of Ragheb Alama


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Celebrities from Lebanon who recently moved to Dubai, including the children of Ragheb Alama, today Wednesday January 27, 2021 3:08 PM

Many Lebanese celebrities have recently moved to the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to reside in it, as this emirate is the destination of many Arab and foreign celebrities, to achieve their ambitions and endeavors towards a better life, while the decision of the Lebanese celebrities coincided after the explosion of Beirut Port in August 2020 And what preceded the country from difficult economic and financial crises, and the last of them was the children of the Lebanese star Ragheb Alama, the Lebanese actress Aime Sayyah, the famous basketball player Fadi Khatib, the journalist Wissam Braidi and many others. We list for you the most prominent Lebanese celebrities who recently moved to Dubai: Najla Ragheb Alama They settle in Dabingla, the Lebanese star Ragheb Alama, Khaled and Louai Alama, they were among the first celebrities who decided to leave Lebanon for Dubai after they survived the Beirut Port explosion, and revealed that they would continue their studies there along with practical projects for them. Ragheb Alama bid farewell to his two sons the moment they left Lebanon with much pain. From the heart of a father who will miss his children, as he published a picture of them and wrote to them a message in which he said: “My love for you is not surpassed by anything in the world, as is my love for the homeland .. I never wanted to think, leave Lebanon.” And Ragheb Alama continued: “M Make sure that if the circumstances have separated you from our beloved homeland, you will return and live in it when the time of oppression and tyranny ends! .. Love your country as I loved you, establish your life, and leave your homeland with your heart, your love is beyond the limits. In Lebanon, they are assured that they will start their lives from scratch and will not depend on their father for their expenses, as they will depend on themselves.

Aimee Sayah leaves Lebanon for Dubai
Lebanese media and actress Aimee Al-Sayyah, in turn, decided to leave Lebanon permanently and reside in Dubai with her husband and twins after the Beirut bombing. She wrote an influential post on her official Instagram account, which she attached to an influential picture as she embraced her twin inside Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut and said: “We wish you a speedy recovery. Dear Lebanon, Al-Maqrouh… Until we meet again, please be good with our parents, our family, our friends and all those who truly love you. ”Wissam Baridi in Dubai The Lebanese journalist Wissam Baridi seemed to have also set out to settle in Dubai recently after he contracted a number of works there. It is not known whether his stability is temporary or final, as he visits his family in Lebanon from time to time. Fadi Khatib retires and leaves Lebanon The former captain of the Lebanese national basketball team and Al-Chanville club player Fadi Al-Khatib blew a surprise of a heavy caliber after he informed the journalists of his final decision to retire from the game. With information about his departure from Lebanon after the Beirut bombing and settling in Dubai. Al-Khatib confirmed that he suffered a lot as a player in the recent period because of the conditions Lebanon is going through. Lebanon has lived in Dubai for years, most notably the director of MBC channels, the media group, Brigadier General Ali Jaber, model and actress Lamita Franjieh, and dozens of others. Celebrities who travel frequently between Lebanon and Dubai, Dubai destination is also a main station for the movement of many Lebanese celebrities to it and who are associated with work there in addition to being a tourist destination To them, and among the most famous of these artists is Assi El-Hillani and his son Al-Walid Al-Hellani, the artist Nawal Al-Zoghbi, the journalist Anabella Hilal, her husband, the plastic surgeon Nader Saab, and others.

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