CD Projekt Red responds to reporting E3 demo and development issues


Adam Bidowsky, studio head of CD CD Projekt Red, responded to a recent report regarding an alleged fake demo and development issues for Cyberpunk 2077.
Budowski took to Twitter In response to certain points in Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer report on cyberpunk 2077, in referring first to the claim that the E3 display was “completely fake.”
“It is hard not to have a commercial gaming demonstration as a test of eyesight or a vertical slide two years before the game is dispatched, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake,” Bedovsky wrote. Compare Demo to Game. Take a look at a Dumdum scene, the car chase, or many other things. What the people reading your article may not be aware of is that games are not linearly produced and only begin to look like the final product. A few months before its launch. If you look at this demo now, it’s different, yeah, but that’s the point of the “work in process” watermark. Our final game looks better than it has ever been.

As for the “missing” features, they are part of the creative process. Features come and go as we can see if they work or not. Also, there are car ambushes in the final game almost for what we showed in the demo. And if we get more specific about our version, the insight we provided in this demo, evolved into something that received a slew of 9/10 and 10/10 on many computers and many of the world’s famous gaming sockets, as for the older generation consoles, Yes that’s another case, but we carry it and work hard to eliminate bugs (even on PC – we “We know this isn’t a perfect version either) and we are proud of Cyberpunk 2077 as both a game and a visionary. Everything is not what I would call a disaster. ”

Podovsky then responded to the claim that many developers of 2077 cyberpunk know that the game will not be ready for release in 2020.

“I spoke to 20 people, some of them are former employees, and only one of them is not anonymous,” said Bidowski. “I wouldn’t call it“ most ”. More than 500 employees have honestly said what it claims.Finally, Bidowski addressed the claim that Polish-speaking workers would speak Polish to non-Polish workers, which “violated company laws” and made them feel “dismissed”.

“Everyone here speaks English during meetings, every email and message across the company is in English – whatever is needed,” Bidowsky explained. A rule of thumb is to switch to English when a person who does not speak a language is in a normal conversation. However, it is very normal for Germans to speak German, Polish speaking Poles, Spanish speaking Spanish, etc (there are 44 nationalities in the studio, I got the point) when no one else is around. We work in a multicultural environment. If the question is whether it is difficult to move to another country, sometimes to a culture, and work and live there, then the answer is yes. But it’s global for any company across the globe, and we are doing what we can to facilitate this transformation. “

Schreyer responded to Bidowsky’s statement, By saying, “CD Projekt has chosen not to respond to specific questions or make Bedowski available for our article, so it is interesting to see these comments coming now.”He also noted that he did indeed regret raising the issue of language, receiving “a disproportionate amount of attention and not a particularly big problem,” but also noted that Bidowski did not address “the brutal struggle and unrealistic timeline”.

For more information on Cyberpunk 2077, see the public apology from CD Projekt founder Red Markin Ivinsky for the tumultuous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and how he claims the next generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S updates will arrive “in the second half” of 2021.

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