Carole Samaha expresses her concern about the increasing number of people infected with Coronavirus


Beirut-Iraq today

She expressed The star is Carole Samaha Expressing its deep concern over the increasing number of people infected with Coronavirus in Lebanon
Carole tweeted, through her Twitter account, saying, “We have almost a year now, every day we woke about a shock, about a sad news, on a sheet of obituary on a picture of a patient who is fighting, on a young man or girl who suddenly lost their lives, I feel as if we are walking in a minefield and what we know At any moment, the mines arise in us, my friends, protect yourselves, … a biological warfare has been imposed on us … and everyone is responsible for himself. “
The Lebanese star “Carole Samaha”, recently released her new album “Christmas Carol” in full on YouTube, and the album includes 9 songs, namely: From Year to Year, Ayyam Al-Shti, Come and Be Happy, Come on, We Joke, Santa, Come Back Time, Every Holiday and You Are My Beloved, at the End Street, Jesus Jay, King of Peace.
It is the album that she devoted to celebrating the Christmas and New Year nights and described it as not a traditional album, and every song contains a story that touches our daily life. Social Media.
And she announced, through a tweet on her official account on Twitter, that the album contained a romantic song, saying, “Who said Christmas, we do not celebrate love and lovers..the song of every holiday and you are well my love .. a romantic song from the atmosphere of the holiday that you can hear tonight,” the song is written by Carole Samaha And composed by Hugh Martin.

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