Calls from behind the ocean to abolish Cavani’s punishment


Calls from behind the ocean to abolish Cavani's punishment



The Uruguayan Footballers Association on Monday urged the Football Association to cancel Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani’s three-match ban over alleged racist abuse.

Cavani, 33, used the word “black people” in a comment on “Instagram” after winning Southampton (3-2), on November 29, before he apologized for the incident and deleted what he wrote.

Cavani then said the word was an expression of affection for a friend.

However, the Uruguayan Players’ Union criticized the FA, saying it had “committed an act of discrimination against the culture and way of life of the Uruguayan people.”

“Edinson Cavani has never committed any behavior that could be interpreted as racist. He only used a phrase common to Latin America to affectionately address a loved one or close friend,” read a Uruguay Players Association statement posted on Twitter by Uruguay captain Diego Godin.

“The penalty shows the biased and racial view of the Football Association, which allows only subjective explanations from its own conclusion, no matter how flawed.” We ask the FA to cancel Kavani’s sentence immediately and clear his name in front of the whole world after his reputation was damaged by this unjust and reprehensible decision.

Academic bodies in Uruguay criticized the decision of the FA, describing it as denoting English football’s ignorance of a lot of linguistic and cultural information.

Source: Reuters


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