Caitlin Jenner describes her relationship with Kelly as an “open book” … Know the details


Reality TV star and transgender Katelyn Jenner revealed that her closest children to her heart is reality TV star and billionaire Kelly Jenner, as Caitlin feels that Kelly is the closest to her more than her other children, as Kelly seeks to be with Caitlin always and share with her many of her interests, which is what issued A large number of famous sites such as the “Daily Mail”.

Kathleen Advocate

The children of reality TV star Kathleen Jenner are Bert (42 years old) and Cassandra (40 years old) who are the children of Jenner from his first wife Christy Crownover. Also from The second wife, Linda Thompson, Kendall (25 years) and Kylie (23 years), from his third wife, reality TV star and Kardashian family empress Chris Jenner, in addition to that Caitlyn Jenner used to take Chris’ children as their own and take care of the smallest details of their lives. .

Caitlin Jenner touched the show star KUWTK To her close relationship with Kelly Jenner, which she described as an “open book.”

Kathleen Lawyer (2)
Kathleen Lawyer (2)
With Kelly and Kendall
With Kelly and Kendall


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