Bruce Willis refuses to wear a muzzle inside a pharmacy … and explains his position


Bruce Willis refuses to wear a muzzle inside a pharmacy … and explains his position

Wednesday – 30 Jumada I 1442 AH – January 13, 2021 AD

American actor Bruce Willis walking around in a store without wearing a muzzle (Daily Mail)

Los Angeles: “Middle East Online”

Yesterday (Tuesday) American actor Bruce Willis issued a clarifying statement after he was filmed entering a store in Southern California without wearing a face mask on Monday, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail”.
The 65-year-old “Die Hard” star said in a statement that the move “was a mistake in judgment.” He added, “Be safe all of us … and let us continue wearing masks.”
Although the California government issued strict rules related to the outbreak of the Corona virus that had been in place for months, it took pictures of the Hollywood actor shopping in a Los Angeles pharmacy without wearing a face mask.
It was reported that Willis refused to wear a muzzle upon entering Right Aid pharmacy in Los Angeles, although he was seen wearing a scarf around his neck that could easily be pulled over his mouth and nose.
Photos taken of him demonstrate that he was violating strict government guidelines while on his tour. A report by Page Six alleges that shoppers were uncomfortable when the star was seen without a muzzle, and ended up leaving the store without buying what he needed.
Masks are required in all indoor California locations, while people can choose not to wear them outside as long as they are at least six feet away from others.
This comes after the number of Corona virus deaths in California has now exceeded 30,000, and Los Angeles has become among the places most affected by the epidemic.
Ten people receive positive test results every minute, and residents have been advised to wear masks indoors, not to mention going out shopping and mixing with other people.
Willis has made no secret of the fact that he was in quarantine with a large group, and recently shared a rare photo online with his wife Emma, ​​42, and their daughters, Evelyn, aged six, and Mabel, aged eight, after Christmas.


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