British health official: Vaccines do not give us complete protection and preventive measures must be adhered to


Newspaper publishedtelegraph“The British article published an article by Professor of Medicine, Vice President of the National Health Care Authority in the United Kingdom, Jonathan Van Tam, about the Corona vaccine, which he said” gave hope to people “about a year after the start of the pandemic,” but it did not eliminate the virus. ”

“Vaccines pave the way for us to get out of the epidemic and return to life as we knew it previously, where we will be able to participate in family gatherings, weddings and other recreational activities,” Van Tam says.

He adds that “to achieve this as soon as possible, we need to reduce the number of cases of infection with the Coronavirus as quickly as possible, in conjunction with vaccinating the most vulnerable groups according to the priorities and capabilities available.”

He explains that there are some scientific points that must be highlighted when talking about vaccines, including that they are 100% ineffective, and no person will enjoy complete protection from the virus, and the best way to prevent infection is to adhere to preventive measures to reduce the number of infections.

The vaccines work to “stimulate the body” to fight the virus and train it to do so, by making antibodies and stimulating cells to enhance the immune response, and in the period between the two doses a person may develop Corona.

It is not known yet the effect of the vaccine on virus transmission, according to Van Tam, who explains that “even after taking the two doses, it is possible to transmit the infection to others, which makes the number of cases high and puts those who did not receive the vaccine at risk.”

The Telegraph newspaper also mentioned that the British government has strengthened isolation laws related to the Corona virus to give local councils in England the authority to close bars, restaurants, shops and public places until July 17.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that the government could not consider easing lockdown restrictions with infection rates currently soaring and until it had confidence in the success of the vaccination program.

Van Tam assures that “all people are at risk of the virus, and vaccines cannot be produced at huge rates and at record speed. It was a very difficult year, and the vaccine brought great hope, and we are in the last stage of the epidemic, and preventive measures must be adhered to for a long time.”

The newspaper stated that a change was made in the laws governing the restrictions of the Corona virus, as part of the review by British Health Minister Matt Hancock of the third general isolation measures earlier this month.


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