Britain … a new technology to discover “secret Corona patients”


This examination, the results of which appear between 20-30 minutes, will help in identifying the cases that are infected with the epidemic but do not suffer from symptoms.

The newspaper said that the purpose of this examination is to identify tens of thousands of infected people, which they spread unintentionally around BritainEspecially those who work outside of their homes.

The British government website says that one of every 3 people infected with the epidemic in the country does not show symptoms of the disease.

The use of this test, which uses lateral flow screening tools, comes at a time when the death toll has risen in Britain, and hospitals have sounded the alarm about patients in need of intensive care.

The rapid examination takes a swab from the nose and throat, and puts it in a test tube, where a new material is added to detect the epidemic.

And Saturday, the authorities in Britain announced the death of 1,035 deaths and about 60,000 new injuries.

And the British government has put in place a new plan that requires expanding the scope of examinations, and to ensure that those who carry the infection are isolated, even if they do not show symptoms.

The new examination will allow identification of the injured while they are inside the testing centers, and not after they leave them to their homes, as in the traditional tests to detect the epidemic.

Many experts welcomed the new system, which 131 local authorities in Britain agreed to implement.

Professor Adam Fenn of the University of Bristol said the expanded program of screening is a very important procedure.

He added that the new screening technology “provides an important new tool to help reduce the rapid rise in cases paralyzing in our country.”

But others have criticized him, noting that some of his results are inaccurate.


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