Bossi’s mother and Nora are in a rare photo with the daughters of Nour El-Sherif on the ninth anniversary of her death


Actress Mai Nour Al-Sharif was keen to retrieve her memories with her grandmother in conjunction with the passage of nine years after her death, as she revived her year through a rare photo of her and her sister accompanied by their grandmother through her official account on the Instagram site, and wrote: “My love, I missed me and beasted you, may God have mercy on you and forgive you and enter you, Al-Firdaws Al-Aaly, God willing, today is my grandmother’s ninth high school. Please pray for her and Al-Fatiha.

Mai Nour Sharif with her grandmother
Mai Nour Sharif and her sister with their grandmother

On the other hand, the artist received Bossi in 2021 earlier, by appearing next to her companion, the late artist Nour El-Sherif, as the media published a picture of Bossi Shalaby, which she collected with Bossi Shalaby, and in the background, a portrait of the late great star Nour Al-Sharif, as Bossi and Bossi Shalaby were keen to follow the precautionary rules From the Corona virus during the picture while wearing “Elvis Shield”, and Bossi Shalaby commented on the picture, saying: “The most beautiful thing is that one enters a new year with my dear neighbors, my beloved and the light of the absent present.”

It is worth noting that the last appearance of the artist Bossi came within the celebrations of her family and friends on her birthday at the end of November of last year 2020, as actress Mai Nour Al-Sharif celebrated the birthday of her mother at the time.

It is noteworthy that Bossi’s latest work is the series “Princess Baisa”, starring Mai Ezz El-Din, and the artist, star of the Egyptian theater, Mohamed Anwar, Sammy Maghawry, Amir El-Masry, Hajjaj Abdel-Azim, and others, directed by Akram Farid, was presented in the last Ramadan season.

Bossi participated in the series “Family Restraint” and its events revolved around the idea of ​​the conflict between two brothers “Fadl and Kamel”. Throughout the episodes we get to know the roots of this conflict, and each of the two brothers has a region in the conflict, which takes place between everyone old and young, and we discover that it extends in all directions and so on. Lots.


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