Biting mockery and harsh bullying from Dunia Batma because of the way she appeared on “Tik Tok”


Seems to be a shout ‘Tik Tok“It started to overwhelm the lives of artists, and recently the Moroccan artist experienced it Donia Batma. A number of accounts active on the “Instagram” photo and video application posted a video that she had recorded on her own account. And in it, she appeared performing an acting scene.

Following this, followers were divided between those who ridiculed her and bullied her in a harsh way and those who considered that she had the talent for acting and that she could move to this artistic field. And from what came in the comments: “There is a representation with her,” “The blood is diesel, Latif,” “Why was Zwaina replaced Tani Ras,” and “Hady Donia, and you have a similar one?”. Some activists also content themselves with symbols indicating nausea or insulting.

It is noteworthy that a video clip of her was published earlier, showing that his scenes were taken from her archive, where she appeared in different views. Through him, its publishers showed the difference between her two forms in the past and the present … which launched a campaign of bullying against her on a number of accounts, as some followers saw that she had made many cosmetic adjustments that led to a complete change of her appearance.


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