Biden’s first signature after the inauguration!


As is customary after the oath, US President Joe Biden signed three documents while in the President’s room in the Capitol Building.Biden signed the Inauguration Day declaration, the nominations for ministerial posts, and appointments to sub-ministerial positions, decisions that do not require congressional approval.

Traditionally, the president would have lunch on Capitol Hill after the signing, but due to coronavirus fears, it has been canceled this year.

Biden was sworn in as President of the United States today, Wednesday, pledging to end an “uncivilized war” to take power in a country with deep political divisions and an economy in the crisis and the Corona virus pandemic that has claimed 400,000 lives in America.Biden took the presidential oath, placing his hand on a Bible that his family had inherited for more than a century before Supreme Court Chief John Roberts and pledged to “preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States.”

In the speech marking his inauguration as president, Biden said, “America has been subjected to harsh tests over the ages again and again, and America has been up to the challenge … At this hour my friends, democracy has triumphed … Today we celebrate victory, not a candidate’s victory but the victory of a cause. The cause of democracy.

The presidency passed to Biden, 78, who became the oldest American president in history, during a mini-ceremony in Washington that did not witness the usual amount of pomp and festive atmosphere due to the pandemic and security concerns after the attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump on the Congress building (Capitol) On the sixth of January.

Trump violated another tradition before he left power, as he considers his refusal to attend the inauguration ceremony for his successor contrary to a political tradition dating back more than 150 years, thus refusing to assert a peaceful transfer of power.


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