Biden requires those arriving by air to undergo quarantine


Biden requires those arriving by air to undergo quarantine



The new US President, Joe Biden, signs one of 10 orders to step up anti-coronavirus measures in the United States (Jan 21, 2021).

The new US President, Joe Biden, announced that all people arriving to the United States by air will be required to undergo quarantine as part of measures to combat the Corona virus.

Biden said, in a speech delivered on Thursday evening at the White House: “In light of the emergence of new strains of the virus being discovered, we impose new procedures for those who arrive in the United States from other countries by air. In addition to wearing masks, anyone coming to the states will have to.” The United States must conduct an examination before boarding the plane, that is, before the flight, as well as undergo a quarantine after arriving in America. ”

He also confirmed that his administration extends the requirements for wearing masks while traveling between US states by trains, planes and buses.

In this context, Biden signed 10 orders for anti-Corona measures, including a document stipulating that those arriving by air will be quarantined in accordance with the guidelines of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden did not clarify in his speech the length of the required quarantine or when this order would take effect.

Source: Agencies


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