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A senior aide to the US President-elect, Joe Biden, said that Biden will crown the busy inauguration day, next Wednesday, by using his new powers to make policy changes with a set of 12 executive decisions that he had previously promised to issue, and one of them is to cancel a ban on travel from Muslim countries. To the United States.

In a memo distributed to reporters, Ron Klein, who will take over as White House chief of staff in the Biden administration, said that executive orders would also include decisions related to housing, student loans, climate change and immigration.

Biden had made his election campaign promises to return to President Donald Trump’s policies even before the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The decisions to be issued on Wednesday also include rejoining the Paris climate accords, extending the deadline for repayment of federal school loans, stopping evictions and seizures on real estate subject to mortgage, as well as imposing the wearing of masks when traveling between states and in federal buildings.

Most decisions represent a reversal of policies pursued by Trump and do not require presentation to Congress. However, Biden will unveil an immigration proposal that would allow millions of unregistered immigrants to obtain citizenship, although this proposal requires congressional approval.

“President-elect Biden will take, in the first 10 days of his term, decisive measures to address the crises facing the United States, to spare the country irreversible damage, and to restore America’s position in the world,” Klein said.

By taking over the US presidency from Donald Trump, Biden inherits a host of major challenges.

The United States is rapidly moving towards recording 400,000 Covid-19 deaths, and more than a million infections per week, with an out of control outbreak of the virus. The economy is suffering under the impact of the pandemic, which has resulted in the elimination of 10 million jobs, and American consumers and companies are also facing difficulties in living.

This week Biden unveiled a $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan through financial and other assistance, and he intends to accelerate the stalled vaccination campaign against “Covid-19”.

“The president-elect will take measures, not only to repair the most severe damage from the Trump administration, but also to push the country forward,” Klein added.

In addition, a US police report reported by CNN and seen by Agence France-Presse said that a man armed with ammunition was arrested while trying to cross one of the many checkpoints built around the Capitol building, where Biden’s inauguration ceremony will be held.

According to a police report, Wesley Allen Piller, a native of Virginia, was present last Friday evening at a checkpoint near the Capitol, the seat of the House and Senate. He was in possession of a fake credit to attend the inauguration.

The police also found with him a loaded pistol and more than 500 rounds of ammunition, and he was arrested. There were several posters on his white van defending the right to possess weapons. One of them read: “If they come to take your weapons, give them the bullets first.”

In recent days, the Washington authorities have transformed the American capital into a security zone, and they have deployed concrete barriers and barbed wire in the area surrounding the Congress headquarters, which was subjected on January 6 to an incursion carried out by supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump.

The authorities fear renewed unrest on the sidelines of Biden’s inauguration as president of the United States next week, and that any potential violence in Washington would spread to various parts of the country.

Members of the National Guard were mobilized in several states, and fences were set up in the vicinity of a number of local parliaments, as happened in California and Minnesota.

The inauguration is often the occasion for the flocking of hundreds of millions of Americans to the capital to attend the ceremony in the outer courtyard of the Capitol. But this year’s ceremony will have a special flavor, as the large outdoor court in front of Congress will be closed to the public. Only permit holders will be permitted to enter the area, where thousands of soldiers are deployed, at a time when the number of soldiers patrolling the capital is likely to outnumber those present in Al-Baha. US Justice Department investigators confirmed that they have not yet found any evidence that supporters of Donald Trump who attacked the Capitol last week planned to detain and kill elected officials.

In an Arizona court hearing on the arrest of rioter Jacob Chansley, who believes in a conspiracy theory and is a follower of the far-right “Q-Anon” movement, federal prosecutors backed away from earlier accusations that Trump supporters were planning to “detain and kill elected officials” in the sixth attack. From January, Washington.

Prosecutors had spoken in a previous court session about this murder plan to demand the continued arrest of Jacob Chansley, 33, who was famous around the world for his bare chest, tribal dress and two horns during the riots.

Arizona prosecutors withdrew the charges, after the Justice Department said that despite calls during the attack for some elected officials to be arrested and Vice President Mike Pence killed, no evidence of such a plan was found. “There is no direct evidence at this stage of the existence of family and assassination teams,” said Washington District Attorney Michael Sherwin, who is overseeing the investigation into the congressional attack.

• The arrest of a “gunman” in possession of 500 rounds of ammunition, and the fake certification of attending the inauguration ceremony.

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