Biden announces a quarantine of all arrivals to the United States


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                The new US President, Joe Biden, decided Thursday to impose a quarantine on all arrivals by air to the United States, and they must also have a negative corona virus test result, a procedure that was also in place during Trump's term.

                                    <p>Imposing the new American president <strong><a target="_blank" href="أمريكا/20210121-هكذا-وضع-بايدن-لمساته-في-المكتب-البيضاوي" rel="noopener">Of the bygones</a></strong>  Thursday, the quarantine of all arrivals by air to the United States, while they must have a negative result for a test for infection with the Coronavirus before traveling.

Biden said, “In addition to putting on protective masks, everyone who travels to the United States coming from another country will need to undergo a (health) test before boarding the plane (…) and to be quarantined upon arrival.” The health test was applicable under the previous administration, while quarantine was included in the category of recommendations.

France 24 / AFP



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