Behind the scenes of the Saudi and Emirati press and its link to the nuclear agreement!


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Abdullah said in an interview with Al-Alam TV during the “Pencil” program: When Netanyahu talks about an improved nuclear agreement, the aim is that he is trying as much as possible to get out of the crises he suffers from and to flee forward by focusing on the Iranian nuclear agreement, and saying that he has a role in This issue can put pressure on the new US administration headed by Joe Biden.

Abdullah said that after Trump’s fall, Netanyahu is trying to escape from his bad reality, especially that Israeli elections await him next March, and there is strong opposition to him on this issue.

For his part, the academic and political researcher, Dr. Muhannad Al-Zahir, confirmed that whoever follows the Iranian nuclear file and the Iranian administration in general, it becomes clear to him that Iran does not care about any of the statements, whether from Saudi Arabia or the UAE, or from the Israelis.

Al-Daher said: What Iran achieved in this period when the American broke the nuclear agreement and exited it, was to reach 20 percent enrichment, while it was supposed that it needed 15 years, as researchers say, to reach this enrichment.

Al-Daher believed that the exit from the nuclear agreement has served Iran first and last, but Iran wants this issue to be internationally legitimate, indicating that Netanyahu is afraid that Iran will possess a nuclear bomb, while this matter is considered not legally permissible with regard to Iran.

Al-Daher considered that everything that is being circulated in the Saudi, Emirati and Israeli press is a fantasy, and that Iran is not concerned with the promotion of an improved nuclear agreement, pointing out that everyone realizes that the Iranian ballistic missile capability is what raises the concerns of the occupation entity because he knows that the war is coming 100% It is nearing its demise by the axis of resistance

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