Behind the scenes Ghazal Mahalla contracted a player by mistake


The board of directors of Ghazl El Mahalla club decided to refer Edo Moses, the team’s player, for investigation, and he was referred for investigation, due to his lack of technical level, his negligence and his lack of participation in the team’s training.

And some media reports indicated that the player in Ghazl El Mahalla is the twin of Edo Moses, not the player himself.

And some press reports exploded a surprise, regarding the signing of the Ghazl El Mahalla club, an agreement with Egypt, the clearing of the transfer of Edo Moses, and they all surprised everyone that this player was the original “Moses” twin.

Ghazl El Mahalla club denied this incident, and confirmed his signature with the original player, and there is no truth to this widespread conversation.

“Soccer 365” learned from its own sources that the incident is true and that the player with whom a contract was signed is a player by mistake and not the intended player.


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