Before the handover of power in the United States .. 4 questions waiting for answers!


Agence France-Presse published a report in which it spoke about the existence of several questions that are still awaiting answers regarding the handover of power in the United States of America, with the start of the countdown to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, scheduled for January 20, and the start of the arrangements for the oath and ceremonies The handover of power.

The questions related to the handover of power to outgoing President Donald Trump, especially after he announced that he would not attend the inauguration ceremony, while his deputy, Mike Pence, pledged to attend and ensure a safe handover of power, in statements he made at the highest security briefing of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.Concurrently, the pace of tight security measures increased in Washington, DC, and most roads leading to the Capitol Building and the White House were closed.

As for the questions reported by “France Press” regarding the transfer of power, they are:

Trump did not invite Biden to the White House .. would he leave him a message?

Trump has announced that he will not participate in Biden’s inauguration, but he can still take steps to ease the deadlock in the relationship between the two parties.President Trump did not call President-elect Biden to acknowledge his defeat, nor did he invite him to the White House after his victory, but the White House invited Biden last week to spend the night of January 19 at the “Blair House”, an American tradition followed since the era of former President Jimmy Carter, and Biden accepted the invitation.

Officials do not expect Trump to invite Biden to the White House for traditional tea on the eve of Inauguration Day, with questions about whether Trump will write anything to his successor in the usual note left in the Oval Office for the newcomer.

When will Donald Trump leave Washington?

Usually the inauguration ceremony concludes with the ex-president leaving the Capitol building and traveling anywhere in the United States by Air Force One, which is also a presidential tradition.Since Trump has decided not to attend the ceremony, White House officials say Trump has not yet decided how and when he will leave the White House for his residence in Palm Beach, Florida.

Options under consideration include leaving Washington, on the eve of inauguration day, with Biden arriving in the capital, or even on the morning of inauguration day, likely minutes before Biden is sworn in.

Does the outgoing president give a farewell speech?

Presidents, before leaving office, usually host a series of events aimed at highlighting their achievements, to go down in history.President Trump avoided that, with the exception of a trip he made, last Tuesday, to see the border wall between the United States and Mexico, which was one of the most prominent promises he made during his election campaign.

However, the president’s aides say Trump is not currently planning to make a farewell speech or take questions from reporters, and indicated that there are no planned public events on his agenda.

What will Trump do after the presidency?

Trump has not yet decided his plans for the post-presidential term, but he had hinted that he could run again in 2024, but the Senate may close the door before him when his second trial begins against the backdrop of the storming of Congress.If found guilty, the Senate could bar Trump from running for federal office again, and even strip him of his presidential salary.


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