Because of a new law … Google threatens to cancel the search button!


Alphabet said on Friday that it would ban the popular search engine, Google, in Australia if the government enacted a law that compels it to pay for the use of media content by the media there.

Google’s threat may lead to an escalation of the battle with publishers such as “News Group” whose content is being followed around the world, while the search giant warned that its 19 million Australian users will have difficulty searching on YouTube as it has been implemented. The new law.

Australia is seeking to pass laws that would make the internet giants negotiate financial dues to publishers and local content broadcasters included in search results or news feeds, and in the event that no agreement is reached on the payments, the government will decide the prices.

Mel Silva, managing director of Google’s operations in Australia and New Zealand, said in a Senate investigation that the law was impractical and that the company was unable to calculate the financial risk, adding: “We will have no choice but to ban Google’s engine in Australia.”

If passed, the law would force technology companies to pay news platforms for their content or face fines of up to A $ 10 million ($ 7.7 million), according to the Australian News Agency.

Angered by Google’s threats, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country is setting its own rules for “the things you can do in Australia”.

“People who want to work in Australia, you are very welcome. But we are not responding to threats,” Morrison told reporters.

In the investigation, the head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, who oversaw the new rules, said he could not predict what the tech giants would do, but said, “There is always a policy of brinkmanship in serious negotiations.”

“They are talking about trade deals where they have complete control over the deal. In my view, this is not a commercial deal,” he said.

Google’s threat to limit its services in Australia came just hours after the internet giant reached a deal to pay content with some French news publishers as part of a three-year, $ 1.3 billion push to support publishers.

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