Barcelona news: Bad news that Coutinho is injured … he may not play again


Philippe Coutinho – Barcelona – La Liga

Sport 360 – Philippe Coutinho suffered a severe injury during his participation in a match Barcelona And Eibar, on Tuesday, in the sixteenth round of Spanish League Championship for football.

The Catalan club said in an official statement, that Coutinho is injured in the external meniscus of his left knee, and he will undergo surgery in the coming days, and therefore his absence from the stadium will reach 4 months.

Coutinho’s injury is more serious than expected:

Doctor Fernando Clemente said in a statement he made to the newspaper (SportSpanish: “The best solution with Coutinho’s injury is to perform a suture to preserve as much cartilage as possible, because it is the protective structure on the outside of the knee.”

And he continued: “By preserving the cartilage, there will be a complete restoration of the knee with very good functions, and if the meniscus cannot be preserved, there is a great risk of severe deterioration of the cartilage, which puts the knee’s future at alarming risk.”

And he added, “Failure to preserve the meniscus can put an end to a high-profile sporting career in the medium and long term, as happened with some football players.”

As for Dr. Joan Lyell, she went in the same direction, saying: “The return of Philippe Coutinho to play again is uncertain, because this depends on the biology of the tissues and the type of tear and repair that occurred to the cartilage.

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