Ayman Hefny asks to retire with the Zamalek jersey in an impressive message


Ayman Hefni, a former Zamalek player, asked to return to the club and retire in the Zamalek jersey, in an influential message through his official Facebook account.

Ayman Hefni said: “Fadlallah was Ali Kabir when I joined the Zamalek club in 7014; thanks to God, I achieved alongside my colleagues the general league championship;? Egypt Cup tournaments; Egyptian Super: African Confederation within 6 seasons.” Sometimes reconcile. “

Ayman Hefni added: “After leaving Zamalek Club, I went through circumstances that forced me to move away from the green rectangle. I did not want to play football; mentally I was not allowed to help any team that joined him.”

Ayman Hefni continued: “Now there is a wish that I will announce clearly. I want to retire with the Zamalek club shirt and within its walls. I wish my name would remain associated with Zamalek Club forever. The young manager and his apparatus that I have the abilities to assist him in some matches, I will do my best; if they want to join me without even being in the training, I will not come; I do not want anything but to retire with the club shirt that I loved young and made my name and lived among its walls the best years of my life.

Ayman Hefni concluded his remarks: “I do not want to put the officials under embarrassment or pressure. They have full appreciation and respect in the event of approval or parole: I will remain a member of the Zamalek club, whether I am inside or outside the club.”


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