Assi Helani is under attack because of receiving the vaccine, and Faris Karam supports him


The Lebanese artist, Assi El-Hillani, was subjected to a major attack with his son Al-Walid Al-Hillani after they received the vaccine and posted photos and videos on social media while they were in the hospital.

Assi El-Hillani sparked controversy after some considered that he was taking the vaccine before others, while observers considered him the reason for the spread of the virus after he hosted a party on New Year’s Eve.

The Lebanese artist Faris Karam defended his misfortune, the artist Assi El-Helani and his son, saying, through his own account: “Abu Al-Walid Habib is my heart and one of the closest people. With his intention, like what some people say! May God protect him and his family, and whoever hunts with cloudy water will not go up with us and point on the line. “


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