Ashraf Zaki on the crisis of “Basem Samra and Rehab Al-Jamal”: “This is the reputation of a country … and it is possible to write off the mistake.”


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Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Actors Syndicate, said that anyone who would write a complaint on social networking sites would be stopped, because the abuse of Egypt and not names, which is what happened with the artist Rehab El-Gamal, who wrote a complaint on her Facebook page.

Zaki added, during the “Cairo Talk” program on the “Cairo and People” channel: “I do not have Facebook, and one of my friends sent me what Rehab El-Gamal wrote, and I told her, ‘There is a union … and what you have to say about it … and the union will give you your right in 5 minutes.’ ), And we are facing a solution, which is investigation, or it was solved by mutual consent, because the matter has offended artists, more than they are subjected to abuse. This is a behavior that frightens people. The film in which the incident occurred, its news was supposed to be on the pages of art, not accidents.

Zaki added: “The incident was not in a place where filming was, but in a hotel, and there is a code of honor and a list, and for many years we have heard about things and disagreements, but not in this way. Colleagues from Arab countries communicate with us, because this is the reputation of a country .. the union can give up the job differently. I can delete the one who was wrong … and invite the two to meet me, and the matter increases every hour.

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