Artwork by a Naughty Dog designer might suggest the identity of their next project


In the middle of this month, the Naughty Dog team began to yearn for their new project on the PlayStation 5, after he promoted Neil Druckman to the position of co-president of the development team. All indications are that this project will be a completely new game.

Whereas, the second part of The Last of Us was released last year only, and we do not expect a third part of the game to be released soon, especially with Dorkman admitting that the development of The Last of Us 3 will be more difficult than the second part. As for the Uncharted series, the team, since the end of the story of Nathan Drake, has confirmed that it will be the last part of their development, and if Sony wants to present a new part, it will be developed by another team. All fingers indicate that Sony San Diego is secretly working on “current series.”

So what project is the Naughty Duke working on? Today, a number of players shared a set of photos that Hyoung Nam, the chief art designer for Naughty Duke, published a while ago and circulated after the studio’s thrill a few days ago. These artistic drawings are believed by some to indicate the identity of the next project, which seems to be based on fantasy this time, where we see a girl carrying a sword and wearing a shield and sitting on a dragon that seems to have just destroyed it. Some may say that it is just a technical drawing that does not necessarily reflect the project under development, but what attracted everyone’s attention was the designer’s own hint on these pictures, where he said, “Inspiration from a new game. You know what I’m talking about. All three designs are called “Women of the North”.

The name of these art drawings made me recall a drawing previously published by one of the designers and artists of The Initiative team entitled “North”, and we were all excited at the time for this project, perhaps it would be what this studio is working on, but in the end it turned out that his project is Perfect Dark.


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