Apple is planning to launch a paid podcast service this year to rival Spotify


In an effort to get rid of Spotify and even Amazon and after its service sector has grown exponentially, Apple intends to launch its new podcast service this year 2021.

Apple used to rely heavily on sales of the iPhone and its other devices, but the service sector has become a major force in the tech giant’s sales.

That is why the American company Apple launched services such as TV Plus and Apple Arcade and a list of paid services and is now preparing to launch perhaps a podcast Plus or a podcast service that offers original content in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Reports indicate Apple is in talks with production companies about a new paid podcast streaming service that may be unveiled this year.

The paid podcast service will include original software and content designed to lure users away from other competing platforms such as Spotify.

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While Apple’s services adopt a monthly or yearly subscription, reports say Apple’s podcast platform will be more flexible and may allow users to purchase individual podcasts.

This gives content creators an opportunity to earn more money and gives the new Apple service an advantage over competing platforms, and of course, this will attract the attention of many users.

Finally, as Apple’s focus on services grows stronger every year, a paid podcast service appears to be its next step, so Spotify, Amazon and others should beware of the tech giant.

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