And English clubs remain the biggest spenders in the time of Corona


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Paris: English clubs remained, as in previous years, the most spenders in the football transfer market for 2020, but the numbers have decreased significantly compared to 2019 due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus, according to what FIFA said Monday.

In its report, the International Federation revealed that the number of international transfers of male players in 2020 decreased by 5.4 percent compared to the previous year, while the total transfer fees decreased dramatically, reaching 23.4 percent due to the impact of “Covid-19”, which suspended activities for several months. Before you proceed behind closed doors.

FIFA said in the Global Transfer Market Report that the total amount spent on transfer fees, which amounted to $ 5.63 billion, is $ 1.7 billion less than in 2019, a drop of nearly a quarter in the lowest cumulative amount since 2016.

Despite this, English clubs are still the biggest spenders compared to other tournament clubs, with transfer fees amounting to about $ 1.63 billion, followed by Italian clubs that spent a combined $ 731.5 million on international transfers.

The report stated that Spanish clubs have benefited the most in terms of boosting their budget from selling players, as they received $ 785.7 million.

Without giving a specific number, FIFA said that Chelsea, England, spent more than any other club in Europe, ahead of local rivals Manchester United and Manchester City, then followed by Barcelona, ​​Spain’s Juventus, and returning to the English Premier League after long years for Leeds. United.

In addition, Manchester City scored the largest number of transfers, whether buying or selling, reaching 45, against Croatian champion Dynamo Zagreb and his compatriot Watford.

FIFA recorded a total of 17,077 international transfers in 2020, compared to 18,047 in 2019, the largest year-to-year decline since 2010.

But the number of transfers in 2020 is still greater than in all of 2018, according to FIFA, who justified, “It is clear that the downward trend is due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The report reveals that only 11.6 percent of all transfers included permanent deals from one club to another (that is, not on loan or in exchange for financial compensation), while the vast majority, or about 62.5 percent, included transfers of players who reached the end of their contracts. And they moved without getting paid.

In fact, only 1.3 percent of all transfers involved fees in excess of $ 5 million, with most of the money spent focusing on a few select players.

The report lists the 10 most expensive men’s deals, the most prominent of which are German Kai Havertz, who moved from Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea, Brazilian Arthur (from Barcelona to Juventus), Nigerian Victor Osimin (from French Lille to Italian Napoli), Portuguese Portuguese Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United from Sporting) And the other Portuguese, Robin Dias (from Benfica to Manchester City).


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