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Wafa Amer sent an urgent message to the artist’s husband, Hala Sidqi, Sameh Sami, after the noble attitude that Hala Sidqi made towards his father and saved him from death.

Wafa wrote, through her account on “Facebook”, saying: “I mean a human being and a girl of assets Oh Sameh and you are not compensated, meaning a great artist and a great person and a greater mother .. I love you, Hala, and I respect you, the generous person, the daughter of the assets .. Oh I wish you are the one who starts to talk, Sameh. No one else, and as offended by rehabilitating her as an irreplaceable person, Hala Sidqi.

Sami wrote: “Imagine that when there are grinding problems and issues with the mother of my children, and the first time you hear that Baba who is her father-in-law, in intensive care, the first one he has is with the child.”

And he continued: “Not only that, I turned all of Egypt into bags of blood, why is it because his blood type is rare, of course it is the great mother of my children Hala Sidqi.”

Sami sent a message to Hala, saying: “Thank you very, very much, because you saved Baba’s life, O Aseelah, daughter of assets.”

Sameh Sami, the artist’s husband, Hala Sidqi, accused her of not being the mother of their two children, and that she removed his name from the names of his two sons, indicating that she “forces them to introduce themselves to Samo Sidqi and Maryam Sidqi,” and demanded a DNA analysis to prove their lineage.

Actress Hala Sedky said that her husband insulted her and slandered her on social media and tried to distort her image in front of everyone, adding: “Accordingly, I will not be silent about that and submit a report against him and the lawyer and against the sites that published false news about me.”

Saleh Al-Sakka was the lawyer for the artist’s husband, Hala Sedky, who confirmed that he completely withdrew from the cases that combine her with her husband Sameh Sami, and he will not be a lawyer for her husband in order to preserve the family and their children.

Saleh Al-Saqa sent messages to each of the artist Hala Sidqi and married her, the most important of which is the relinquishment of personal interests in order to preserve the family and children and live in peace and stability. He also sent a message to each of their sons Samo and Mary, saying: “I apologize for everything that was written in the press, and you are more honorable than anyone. The problems, God willing, will be solved in the coming period. ”

Lawyer Sameh Sami, husband of the artist Hala Sedky, said that he would not give up anything and adhered to his rights, directing his help to the Attorney General to help him obtain his right to conduct a DNA analysis, suspecting that Hala Sidky was not the mother of his children, but that she used fertilization eggs from another woman.

He added, during a video he posted: “I am not a student more than my right, and I am sure that I have a hundred in a hundred, but I want to know who is their mother and how is my aura of sincerity, so I need a DNA analysis of her to ensure their mother the truth and the imprint of her voice on the famous video about Sabha to her colleagues, and the case is running.” I will plead because this is my case and I will not be entitled to it. ”

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