An exceptional incident … a Brazilian player gets to know Corona on the stadium


A match in the Brazilian Second Division witnessed an exceptional occurrence, after it was revealed that one of the players was infected with the Corona virus at halfway point.

The match brought together the teams of Avai and CSA, in the Brazilian second division, on Saturday evening.

And between the two halves of the match, Avai decided to drag its player Valdivia from the stadium, after it was discovered that he was infected with the new Corona virus.

Avay said Valdivia had a check-up early on Saturday, so that he could play Tuesday’s Juventud match.

And when the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) informed the club of the player’s kind positive, Saturday’s game against the CSA had begun.

“Between the halves, the CBF informed us that Valdivia’s sample is positive,” Avay said in a statement.

He added, “This is why we have replaced Valdivia. The club is now reviewing his dismissal and his return.”

This incident is considered exceptional in the world of football, as medical protocols are required to examine players and reveal their samples before the start of any match.


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