An English national treasure was discovered by chance during the filming of a movie


England – Reuters
On Friday, the digital broadcasting platform Netflix began showing the movie (The Dig) “Excavation”, based on a book written by John Preston, and starring Cary Mulligan and Countryside Vince.
The film revolves around the “Sutton He” archaeological discovery in 1939, which the British National Trust described as a discovery “that would revolutionize our understanding of England in early times.”
The events of the film revolve around the beginning of World War II about Edith Pretty, played by Mulligan, a widow who owns land in the county of Savock in eastern England, and employs amateur archaeologist Basil Brown, played by Vince, to excavate the hills of their land, both of whom suspect they are graves for the Vikings.
Instead, Brown discovers what appears to be the hull of a 27-meter-long Anglo-Saxon ship with a burial chamber full of treasures.
To add a touch of originality to the work, director Simon Stone asked the cast to bury replicas of the treasures that had been found to simulate the excitement associated with the original revelation.
Vince had already found some medieval pottery while excavating outside London.
He said he hoped the small details in the film would inspire the audience.


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