An Egyptian actress is close to fulfilling her dream of joining the bar association


19 minutes ago

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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Egyptian Court of Cassation announced the acceptance of the appeal submitted by the artist Sherihan, registered under No. 5250 of 72 BC, regarding the application for her registration in the records of members working in the Bar Association. On the acceptance of the registration of the Egyptian actress who obtained a BA

Samir Sabry, the lawyer in the cassation, the Constitutional and the Supreme Administrative Court, confirmed that the cassation appeal registered with No. 5250 for the year 72 BC, submitted by him in his capacity as an agent for the artist Sherihan Ahmed Abdel Fattah, had been issued a ruling accepting him, and he was referred for consideration before the Administrative Court.

Sherihan had submitted an application to be registered in the lawyers ’rolls upon her graduation from the Faculty of Law, but the Syndicate’s Registration Committee rejected her request, with several excuses, including the registration of Sherihan in another union, the Representative Professions Syndicate. She applied again to the Court of Cassation, which accepted her request.

Sherihan confirmed in the lawsuit that she submitted her papers to the union to be registered as a member in it, but she was surprised by the rejection of the application despite her fulfilling all the conditions for membership in the union.

She added that refusing her registration would deprive her of her right to work in the field of law that she loves, as her grandfather was the captain of the lawyers and she waits for the day when she wears a law robe and stands in front of the justice platform to defend the oppressed and the oppressed.

Sherihan indicated that she filed the case until the opportunity for those trying to prevent her from achieving her dream of working in the field of law was missed, stressing that there is no contradiction between working in the field of representation and the legal profession because she loves both of them and neither of them will affect the other and she is able to reconcile work in these two fields. Especially since each of them is a free field and not governmental work or even in a private institution that requires it to go every day at specific times.

Sameh Ashour, the former head of the Egyptian Bar Association and head of the Arab Lawyers Union, previously revealed that the law prohibits Sherihan from being registered in two unions simultaneously, as she is a member of the Representative Professions Syndicate and therefore cannot be accepted into the Bar unless it is removed from the Representative Professions Syndicate.

Ashour added that the union welcomes any person who fulfills the membership conditions and does not stand in front of any person to achieve his dreams, but everything must be done through the law because union work requires respect for the law, its implementation and not violating it, which is what the union seeks with all its lawyers.


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