An attack against Ward Al-Khal after her statement about the stars of Syria


The Lebanese singer Ward Al-Khal received a violent attack from the pioneers of social networking sites after she recently disclosed about Syrian artists.

Al-Khal said that “their fame came during their participation in tournaments in Lebanese dramas,” adding that “these works gave them roles that brought them into the world of fame.”

She attributed this to the fact that “the lack of Lebanese actors, and even famous ones, did not have a suitable opportunity to market his talent.”

And from her opinion, as reported by some media outlets, that “the Syrian actors have succeeded thanks to the appropriate marketing opportunities despite their participation in Lebanese series.”

She added, “I mean, in many Syrian actors, they were not known when they held championships from Lebanon, and they were not known in Lebanon.”

She also expressed that “the importance of Syrian drama is indispensable, and that there is no room for the Syrian artist to be more successful and to add to Lebanese art.”


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