An American doctor warns of a mistake that wastes the feasibility of Corona vaccines


An American doctor warned of a wrong injection method that leads to the ineffectiveness of the emerging coronavirus vaccines, according to what was reported by the “NBC Miami” website.

Neurologist Tom Bates said that he witnessed many cases of wrongly injecting the needle by pressing the needle directly in the shoulder, which is the process that results in the vaccine reaching the fatty layer under the skin instead of the muscle in which the vaccine fluid must be settled.

The American doctor indicated that the vaccine will not be effective if it reaches the subcutaneous fatty layer, stressing that its correct location is the muscle.

Bates said: “ We can avoid the disaster of losing the effectiveness of vaccines through incorrect injection. The vaccine must be in the right place to maintain its effectiveness, especially since this thing can give a false sense of safety to people who have been vaccinated.”

Several countries, including the United States, began large vaccination campaigns with various vaccines against the emerging corona virus, in the first attempts to eradicate the epidemic that began in China and spread to the world last year.

The United States approved the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine and the Moderna Corporation vaccine, after its emergency use was authorized by the country’s Food and Drug Administration.


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