Amid successive resignations in his administration … procedures in Congress to isolate Trump


Outgoing US President Donald Trump faces possible impeachment in the “Capitol”, and his supporters, who participated in the violence in Washington, face prosecution.

  • After Washington’s violence, Trump is threatened by his administration, Congress and
    Trump supporters inside the Congress building

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, called today, Thursday, to remove the outgoing US President Donald Trump, from power immediately, at a time when his party lawmakers distributed materials to impeach Trump, “in preparation for the possibility of his removal from power.”

Schumer said that if Vice President Mike Pence refused to “rise to the level of responsibility”, then Congress “should convene to try Trump,” adding that “the best way to remove Trump from power is for his vice president to activate Article 25 of the Constitution” related to removing the president if he is. Unable to bear the burdens of his post. “

And American media reported, yesterday evening, Wednesday, that a number of ministers in the Trump administration discussed the possibility of resigning him after he Hundreds of his supporters stormed Capitol Building, to disrupt the validation session on the presidential election result.

In turn, Republican member of the House of Representatives Adam Kinzinger called on “Twitter” to activate Amendment 25 of the US Constitution to exclude Trump from power.

And a number of officials of Washington’s allied countries denounced the efforts of Trump supporters to storm Congress, where Student German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Trump and his supporters “accept the decision of the American people”, while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “without any reservation” condemned Trump’s questioning of the election result and his incitement to unrest.

For his part, the US President said The national team is Joe Biden“This is chaos and a separatist attempt,” noting that “American democracy is under an unprecedented attack.”

Facebook extends the ban on Trump

He faces the US President A continued ban He is prevented from appearing on social media, which he has used extensively during the past years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today, Thursday, that US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will remain banned indefinitely. And for a period of “at least two weeks.”

Against the backdrop of supporters of the outgoing president’s storming of the Capitol, Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post that “allowing the president to continue using our services during this period carries very great risks”.

He added, “Therefore, we decided to extend the blocking of his accounts on Facebook and Instagram, for an indefinite period for a period of at least two weeks, until the peaceful transfer of power is complete.”

The congressional intruders are being pursued

The first group of those arrested among Trump supporters, due to the storming of the Congress building, will appear in front of the court, today, Thursday, to press formal charges, while the police intensified the search for other wanted persons for committing acts of violence.

Washington Metropolitan Police Department chief Robert Conte said at a news conference that 4 people were killed in Congress and 52 were arrested after Trump supporters stormed the building, trying to prevent President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

He added that 47 of the 52 security forces arrested were in connection with the violation of a curfew imposed by Mayor Merrill Bowser, and that 26 of those were arrested in the Congress Square.

A number of charges have been held on charges related to carrying illegal or illegal firearms. It is not clear how many people will appear, today, Thursday, before the court to hear the charges against them.

Despite the expectation of an increase in the number of detainees, the number appears meager in front of the arrest of more than 300 people following the protests that erupted on the first of June. To kill a black-skinned American George Floyd, at the hands of the police.

Mayor Bowser said that the police intend to ask the public to help identify the rioters, many of whom had pictured inside the Capitol, and whose faces could be seen in videos on social media without masks.

She added, “We will pursue them. We believe that some of them … must be held accountable for this massacre.”

The FBI also asked the public to provide information, photos, videos, or anything that could help identify those who were “inciting violence.”

The Trump interior is shaken

The events in Washington have aroused discontent within the Trump administration. According to Reuters, President Trump’s advisor for Russian affairs, Ryan, has resigned from his post, while more prominent members of the National Security Council are expected to follow his example.

A senior US administration official added that Trump’s pledge to a smooth handover of power to President-elect Joe Biden on the 20th of this month was aimed at avoiding further resignations, but it would not likely prevent the departure of some officials.

Trump said in a statement, today, Thursday, that despite his disagreement “completely with the election result, the facts are apparent to me, nevertheless there will be Regular transmission To power on January 20th. “

Despite the violent events, Congress approved Biden won the elections that took place on November 3, 2020, with a majority of 306 of the electoral college votes against 232 for Trump.


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