American champion participates in Golf Saudi Arabia


American champion participates in Golf Saudi Arabia

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Bryson Deschamps, the 2020 US Open champion, is preparing to participate in the Saudi International Golf Championship, presented by SoftBank Investment Advisors, at the Royal Greens Stadium in King Abdullah Sports Economic City, which starts on February 4 and will last for three days.
Deschambeau has officially announced his participation in the global golf event in Saudi Arabia for the second time in a row. Deschambeau joins the list of international players who will flock to Saudi Arabia to participate in the tournament, led by Dustin Johnson, the world number one and the 2020 Master’s champion, Prison Deshambo. Deschampton explained that the “Royal Greens” Country Golf Club gives any player a chance to compete with world number one Dustin Johnson and allows him to win during the championship. He added, “I prepared well to compete in the championship, after recording the most far-reaching blow compared to my professional colleagues, in addition to winning the US Open title last September.
Deschambeau continued, “I ended my last participation by finishing sixth in the first edition in Saudi Arabia. I have great memories in Saudi Arabia, especially the beautiful stadium overlooking the Red Sea.


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